About Me

As People representative of 21 st century , it is my responsibility and commitment to stay connected. This website of mine will serve as one of the bridge between us, to be connected 24*7 ,independent of my physical presence in Godda and Deoghar.This website will be an informative platform of all the work in execution and to be executed in Godda constituency. You can also voice your concern, grievances and interact with me or my representative. At my capacity, i will try my best to address those pragmatic issues . Please give me your valuable feedback, how can i better the system .
Godda constituency, is one of the most under developed constituency in India.You are a better judge to examine the work i have done so far. However, lot of challenges lies ahead for us. We have to continuously strive to do our best in all aspects that we are assigned to and I promise, i shall not leave any stone un turned. Robert frost lyrics keeps me motivated and on edge to serve you. "Woods are lovely dark and deep but I have Promises to keep Miles to go before i sleep,miles to go before i sleep". Your love and enthusiasm is the wind beneath my wing .


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